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  • IASBYHEART requires every instructor to not only be a specialist in their field, but also rigorously trained on the current pattern of exam—ensuring that you'll be taught by an UPSC expert.

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  • Every student is alloted to a successful candidate who will be the mentor through out course of preparation and also share with them exact strategy,original notes and compilations which is the mantra behind their success.

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  • Only realistic practice makes perfect.Our Intensive test series with Smart evaluation feedback and tracking is crafted to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Acclerated Preparation Module 2019: Pathway to IAS
500 Hours Comprehensive Program to Cover GS Prelims, CSAT , GS Mains Paper 1,2,3,4 and Essay.
APM 2019
APM 2019
  • Foundation Lectures to Sharpen your Basics
  • Time-bound Completion with Extensive Coverage of syllabus
  • Talks and discussions by best in class professors to enhance creative abilities of candidates.
APM 2019
  • Comprehensive study material in all compulsory papers of Pre and Main exam
  • Intensive Writing Skill Development Sessions
  • Special focus on marks fetching areas like Essay and Ethics.
APM 2019
  • Module-based Simulated Tests with accuracy and speed assessment.
  • Tests which simulate recent UPSC trends and difficulty pattern
  • Special focus on marks fetching areas like Essay and Ethics.
Concept Building
It covers 6 months conceptual classes covering complete UPSC syllabus.
  • Prelims Comprehensive classes to cover Prelims syllabus will be provided to clear the core concepts related to each subject.
  • Mains Classes will cover complete GS Mains Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 syllabus with an approach of developing conceptual clarity with multi-disciplinary thinking process.
  • Assessment: Each module will cover assessment tests.
Strategy for Prelims
Prelims is more about range of information and micro detailing of topics. It is an innovative programme designed to provide complete Prelims preparation module to develop a sound conceptual base alongwith assessment based learning for Prelims, which will cover 15000 questions in entire course. Assessment Module will be based on:
  • L1- Basic Concept Assessment
  • L2- Current Affairs Assessment
  • L3- Advance Level Assessment
Time & Speed Assessment for Prelims
After the completion of Prelims syllabus, assessment for the Time and speed management is must to check the level of preparation. The module will cover:
  • Subject-wise class test after completion of each subject (100 Questions)
  • Workbook containing about 200 Questions related to each subject as Home assignment.
  • Assess your Accuracy level with speed.
Assessment at All India Level
After the completion of the conceptual classes ASSESS yourself at the All India Level through our comprehensive PT Test Series. Tests will be divided as:
  • Sub-sectional Tests based on Topics
  • CSAT Tests
  • Sectional Tests
  • Mock Tests
  • Current Affairs Tests
Answer Writing Improvement
Answer Writing Improvement The conceptual base for Mains examination will be laid through the exhaustive Classes covering both theoretical as well as contemporary part of the syllabus. However, Answer writing plays an important role in the Mains examination. Content + Good Writing Skill = Good Marks. Thus to develop it:
  • Topic wise Class Tests 10 Questions each.
  • Subject wise Class Test 20 Questions.
  • Home assignments 4-5 Questions on each topic will be provided to develop thinking line related to the topic taught in the classes.
Improving Articulation and Objectivity
Once the content is known through comprehensive classes, for the articulation of that knowledge at RIGHT PLACE and RIGHT FORMAT, the programme will cover Mains Test series. It will consists of:
  • Sectional Tests - 20 Questions each.
  • Mock Tests - UPSC pattern
  • Feedback & Personal Discussion
Development of Problem Solving Approach for GS Paper IV

The conceptual clarity on the Ethical Theories and terms given in the UPSC Syllabus will be covered through Comprehensive Classes alongwith development of Case Study Based Approach.

Critical Thinking for Essay Writing
  • Essay sessions alongwith Tests will be provided.
  • 50 Model Essays to learn the art of Essay writing will also be provided.
Mains Updation Classes with Answer Writing Sessions
Mains Updation Classes with Answer Writing Sessions
  • 150 hrs. Updation Classes will be conducted after Prelims Examination to cover Contemporary Issues for GS Mains Papers.
  • Format of this assessment also includes daily Answer Writing Practice.
Regular Classes
7th May, 2018
9:30AM to 12:00PM
Weekend Classes
12TH May,2018
2:00PM to 7:00PM
Optional Classes
On weekends
9:00AM to 12:30PM
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