About Us

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Our Vision:

To create diligent and empathetic civil servants for our Nation by supporting them to learn, evolve, and lead BY HEART!

Our Mission:

To enable aspirants from every discipline and culture irrespective of socio-economic status to become focused and passionate towards their vision by providing them continuous learning opportunities, highest standards of training, personal excellence and leadership development.

Our Values:

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Our Strategy:

  • Develop up to date study materials and strategically planned learning toolkits to aid aspirants in their preparation.
  • Assess training and faculty feedback regularly to provide high standards of training.
  • Support aspirants mental and physical wellbeing by providing safe and focused learning environment.
  • Establish a secure environment for one-on-one mentorship.
  • Evaluate aspirants’ performance and provide immediate, critical feedback for review and action.
  • Empower aspirants from dynamic yet marginalised communities to realise their dream of becoming civil servants.
  • Provide opportunity for inclusive growth, collaboration and positive, competitive spirit among the aspirants population.

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About Us
About Us
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Our Team

Experienced Advisors

Mr Karuppasamy


Dr. S. Thangasamy

Vice Chancellor (TNTEU)

Mr. B Ilangovan


Mr. K Balamurugan


Mr D Anandhan


Mr. P K Saravanan


Mr. Sibi Chakravarthy


Mr. Madhu Balan